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15th of July 2021

Under 18s Junior Girls Course Record

I was entered into two races leading up towards the National Championships, to see if I could break 26 minutes for 10 miles. Last week my training took me a step past that, with a 24:56. This week was my back-up attempt. I just about recovered from a cold earlier in the week, I wasn’t sick and i got a front mech which means my chain shouldn’t fall off.

The weather was okay, compared to the forecast of thunder, lightening and heavy rain. I get Asthma and the air was very heavy (LT humid/muggy). It only affected me a little bit during the race, so that was good.

It would have been cool to have a pusher offer at the start, but we still have to do a standing start. I did okay this week with clipping in and got a fairly good start. I caught my minute lady after 3 miles and then pushed as hard as I could. Early on I was averaging 25.4mph, but I lost a lot before the turn with the cross-headwind on a hill, which I struggle with and I dropped to 22.5mph avg. by the turn. On the return leg I tried to make up the time I lost on the hilly windy bit and got my segment times up on the last 4 miles to around 26-27mph. I fought for a PB, but I ran out of miles. I didn’t do as well against some of the women I beat last, they rode a bit faster and better than I did.

I was 14 seconds slower than last week, but the performance was probably the same of a small bit better this week.

So for the good news. I set an all-time Course record for Under 18 Girls. I beat Catherine Morrell of Thanet Road Club who set a time of 25:30 in 2018 by 20 seconds with a 25:10…/911-thanet-rc-open…

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