Glorious Goodwood – 2nd Race

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6th of September 2010

Goodwood, allowed to race up an age group today. Happy with ride, it looks like I’m on target. Trying to average 23mph for 11.7 miles. It was windy and a bit colder than the last time we went to Goodwood.

I came 3rd, riding in U16s. It was really good fun and have to thank the race organiser David Collard-Berry of 3crg for letting me race in an older age group and most importantly the same distance as i would need to ride in the National Championships in a few weeks time.

Thanks as ever to Stonham Barns Park, my sponsor for their Support
Warming up… It wasn’t as calm as it looked, we were a bit late to warm up
Getting over taken by a much older boy
Warming up became calmer once we were back on schedule. Its a learning experience and we are not normally late, so this was something to understand. It will happen again sometime.
Eek.. concentrating and trying to picture the course we did a couple of weeks ago and how the effort for the first lap felt. At home I can use my power meter to help me, but not here. I have to push, but not too hard. I use negative splits if I find I am feeling better on lap two than I should be and push the effort up slightly for the 2nd half and then go for it flat out for the last mile or two. Its all about learning for me. My lap times were good today, so I got it roughly right and it was close to my FTP (in feeling) and that showed in close lap times.
I was thinking if I could make the next lap shorter 🙂
N dsk wheel today, so the ssshhhh noise wasn’t there. Disc wheels make yo go faster, but dad says its good for me to think like that, so I guess it doesn’t make as much difference as it feels like it does.
pushing n he last lap. I got over 27mph, which I know means I wasn’t pushing enough on the earlier laps. Nice to sprint though… feels good.
Driving to the line.
Saw Mummy, Callum and Eva after the warm down lap.
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