Goodwood Motor Circiut Record AtTempts 2021

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10th August 2021

Yesterday I went Goodwood Motor Circuit with my family and Grandma.

I tried to break the over-all boys/girls 7.1 mile Road Bike record for U15s, and have a go at the U16s Girls 9.5 mile record.

The Event organiser David Collard-Berry was amazing, allowing me to ride a one-off double race one after the other. The wind was really strong and there was a way more headwind than tailwind on the course, affecting everyone racing in my races, but I did ok and won both races in the females. I think I could have got the over-all if the wind was the same each lap. I was trying to beat it by a few seconds, so I could still have energy for the second race.

U15s girls record was 21:23 and the boys was 19:11. My time was 19:35, so a new girls record.

U16s Record is still 23:19 and I did a 25:41, which is a bit slower than my PB average speed for 10 miles. Although I did beat the other girl in the second race by 4:11. I really enjoyed it and I hope I get another chance next year.

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