Helping Plomesgate CC with a Strava Segment

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Another week without races. Hoping things change soon. I’m practicing courses. I start doing open road 25 mile TT’s this year. It’s quite long for an 11 year old, but I can hold my TT pace for that amount of time, so it should be okay. No-one has any expectations for my times, which takes the pressure off.

Today I went to another time trial course which was 10 miles, but a local club wanted help creating a segment on Strava, so I did two and a half laps, 25 miles, which is the distance I’m practicing for.

It was a little bit cold, but also really windy (20+mph) so It was a bit hard to keep the bike straight when I got into very strong cross winds. I tried out my new TT bars, because when I had the flat TT bars, I felt like I was falling off the front of the bike, when I went down hills. Now I have J-bars which I also used last year and they are much easier for me to use and more aero.

Also, after a while, my gears stopped working properly and they kept stopping in one gear. Dad said me fitted a faulty rear mech by accident. It slowed my times down a lot, but I was averaging 19.5mph roughly and ended up around 18.5mph due to the problems. I think that’s good, so when we get a quick day I can try again. I think I’ll be well under 1hr 15mins (20mph), which was my target for the year in races, so maybe I can go even faster when I do race.

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