Glorious Goodwood – 2nd Race

6th of September 2010

Goodwood, allowed to race up an age group today. Happy with ride, it looks like I’m on target. Trying to average 23mph for 11.7 miles. It was windy and a bit colder than the last time we went to Goodwood.

I came 3rd, riding in U16s. It was really good fun and have to thank the race organiser David Collard-Berry of 3crg for letting me race in an older age group and most importantly the same distance as i would need to ride in the National Championships in a few weeks time.

Thanks as ever to Stonham Barns Park, my sponsor for their Support
Warming up… It wasn’t as calm as it looked, we were a bit late to warm up
Getting over taken by a much older boy
Warming up became calmer once we were back on schedule. Its a learning experience and we are not normally late, so this was something to understand. It will happen again sometime.
Eek.. concentrating and trying to picture the course we did a couple of weeks ago and how the effort for the first lap felt. At home I can use my power meter to help me, but not here. I have to push, but not too hard. I use negative splits if I find I am feeling better on lap two than I should be and push the effort up slightly for the 2nd half and then go for it flat out for the last mile or two. Its all about learning for me. My lap times were good today, so I got it roughly right and it was close to my FTP (in feeling) and that showed in close lap times.
I was thinking if I could make the next lap shorter 🙂
N dsk wheel today, so the ssshhhh noise wasn’t there. Disc wheels make yo go faster, but dad says its good for me to think like that, so I guess it doesn’t make as much difference as it feels like it does.
pushing n he last lap. I got over 27mph, which I know means I wasn’t pushing enough on the earlier laps. Nice to sprint though… feels good.
Driving to the line.
Saw Mummy, Callum and Eva after the warm down lap.


11th of August 2020

Thanks to Angus for the loan of his wheels, they felt fast
The winner was a boy 3 years older, so I couldn’t beat him. it was very good fun and I was fastest girl
signing on with Eva
going over the plan
Excited to race in 2020
Checks and more checks 🙂
Clipped in well this time
Can’t catch the motor bike 😉
Into my pace
Pushing very hard for the line
I caught some riders and we had a good talk on the warm down lap, then saw mum, Callum and Eva
Callum after the race talking t me

Longstone Edge Hill Climb

Wednesday the 5th of August 2020 in Derbyshire

On the Hill

We arrived at Great Longstone in the middle of the afternoon. When we got there we had to find the start place. Then we drove the course so I could understand where to go. We also found the road leading to the start line from the finish/sign-on area.

We drove the course a few times to get used to it. We stopped at a couple of places, I did a practice start and I also rode up the steepest section of the hill to get a feeling for it, and to know if my gears were right.

After waiting at the car park near the top of the hill for a few hours, we decided that I wouldn’t ride the full distance down to the start because it was a very long way to ride on open roads on my own. We stopped around a mile from the start, where I got out and rode to the start. I warmed up near the start on the closed road.

I was number 5, so I needed to be at the start-line quite early. I started at 18:35, but at the start I couldn’t get clipped in, although I had practiced lots. Around half way through the race I ran out of breath and I think it slowed me down a bit. I have sports induced Asthma. I did use my inhaler, but I still had breathing problems.

As I got further up the hill, some people who I did not know were shouting my name out, which made me go a little faster. I had never ridden the hill before, so it was not easy to know how much effort to put in or when to push harder. At the end I was so warn out, I couldn’t even sprint.

If I did it again, I think I would try to clip in a bit faster and try to sprint at the end no matter how much pain I was in. I would also understand it better and I would know where to push.

I really enjoyed this hill climb and it was a great experience.

I came 3rd in the under 16s/Juvenile female category. I am not really built for hill climbs, as I am really more muscular in my legs and more of a sprinter. Whereas most of the other competitors looked very light.

Female Juvenile U16 Results
Driving to the line.

Short Ride around Debenham

Saturday Ride – 1st of August 2020.
Still no racing due to Corona Virus.

I went for a tail wind ride out for once, with a head wind home. I rode past my sponsors “Stonham Barns” which always brings a smile to my face and reminds me of when I first met Alan, his team and the residents of the holiday holes when I rode 121 miles to raise money for Great Ormond Street.

2019 End of Road Season summary for Abbey

Whether Abbey ever repeats this years feat of being undefeated at home or in Europe is hard to know, but to do that again would be equally amazing. There are some very talented girls racing against Abbey who were so close to beating her on road and beat her in other disciplines, such as Orla and Melanie. In years to come the girls will battle away and all win, I am sure. New girls will come into the mix and make the races as exciting as they have been this year. A massive well-done to all of the girls.

Rather than go into detail of every one of Abbeys wins, here’s a montage of Photographs from this year.

A massive thank you to Stonham Barns for their support.

This years results
Winning the Youth Paris Roubaix
National Age Group Time Trial Champion
Winning medal and Zwift bottle (Thanks Zwift)
Time Trial Medal
Winning the Farnham Grand Prix
Paris Roubaix Start
Lovely evening with Nigel Powley at Felixstowe Radio
Lovely evening with Nigel Powley at Felixstowe Radio
A rather too robust a challenge, leading to Abbey fracturing her arm
The look of a champion
Racing against the best riders in the country
Fun on the podium at the Minehead Grand Prix
Pave at the Paris Roubaix
National Road Race Champion
National Road Race Champion
Winning the Points Jersey in the Isle of Man
National Age Group Time Trial Champion
National Road Race Champion ship racing
Winning the Isle of Man Road Race. Note Melanie Rowe won both Hill Climbs
Winning at Castle Combe in her come back ride. Note Arm support
Castle Combe win sporting a baseball hat from Andrew Early
Post National Championship fun with Team mate Aaron
Abbey and Cycling friend Orla

Farnham Festival of Cycling

7th of July 2019

Winning at Farnham in empathic style

Abbey and some of her Suffolk Youth Race Team mates went down to Farnham in Surrey today in one of the last big races of the season. The races had strong fields and reasonably good numbers too.

Abbey had a reasonable start, at about 10th into the first corner. This is better than her normal position into the 1st corner, which is last. As the leaders finished the first lap, Abbey had forced herself into 2nd overall. She stormed the race and finished 1st by a very long way.


Fete Du Velo 2019

30th of June 2019 at Redourn Hertfordshire

On a beautiful day in Hertfordshire Abbey travelled an hour and a half to the amazing Redbourn event. In many ways a traditional village green crit but catering for everyone with riders from Ipswich and surround areas in attendance. Below are some photos of Abbey. It has to be said we have seen larger fields at Fete Du Velo, but still the racing was amazing.

Abbey had a great race with a boy. He led from the start, Abbey reeled him on, worked out his strengths and weaknesses and did her thing for the last 2 laps to win be the length of the finishing straight.

Abbey podium – 1st place
Abbey in though on the 2nd row
My favorite photo with Abbey realising whats going to happen as the race starts. Sharp girl
Fist lap with Abbey and Aaron chasing the leader
Abbey making the catch
Passing to take the lead
Eventually Abbey won with a fair distance to 2nd place

Minehead Grand Prix

National Youth Series

23rd of June 2019

Minehead is a fare way from Suffolk, but an undefeated in 2019 Abbey went to take on the best U10s in the country. The Minehead Grand Prix saw Sophia Bednarek and Lauren Oldfield enter from the midlands and North England. The course was a triangle around the ton centre with a power sapping dead turn at the top of the town centre,.

Abbey shadowed for three laps by eventual 2nd place and top rider

Abbey had a fairly good start using a reverse splits. The significantly more powerful boys got around 15 seconds on the 1st lap. Abbey reeled them in lap after lap until she was in 2nd overall for a few seconds. Then the boys broke away again, compounded by a slow rider accidently pushing Abbey into the barriers where she bounced into the air, but held it together,

Last lap, unlucky to meet the lad on a non-race bike the field lapped three times. Unfortunatly it took Abbey out of the sprint.

The commentator added a bit of excitement and confusion by stating Abbey was 1st with 2nd place still in the main peloton with her, but the girl that had been on Abbeys wheel had been long dropped. Calls to Abbey to be aware that one of the riders in the group was a girl meant Abbey had to push to the max to neutralise the threat, and reduce the threat of being out sprinted at the end. This brought forward lap times in excess of 21.6mph and top speeds heading towards 30mph. In he end it turned out that the commentator had seen Abbey lap the 3rd place girl. Abbey was proud to represent her club and again show everyone that Suffolk youth have what it takes to win. Abbey had a bit of drama tangling with a mountain bike and getting taken out before the sprint with the boys.

Great podium with lovely kids