RTTC 25mile TT National Championships 2021 — Juvenile Champion

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8th of August 2021

RTTC 25 mile Time Trial National Championships.

1st 12 year old Girl
1st Juvenile Girl (Under 16)
2nd Junior Girl (Under 18)

I got a new Provisional 25-mile PB time of – 1:03:23 today. We went to a hotel for a race that I did this morning. The race was in Keswick, Cumbria.

When we got there, it was raining very hard and everyone was standing under some kind of shelter. I got ready for the race, signed on and got my numbers. Then I warmed up, at first I tried rollers but it made a very loud annoying noise and I ended up just riding on the road for a warm up. The wind was okay, with a tail wind home leg. The course was quite hilly, but not so hilly that it affected my times. If its hilly I lose out on the downhills quite a bit compared tot the Under 18s or anyone a bit heavier than I am. The hills were long and steep enough to get you out of the saddle at times, which isn’t where I needed to be. The road was smooth but flooded in parts and the car spray was quite hard to see through at times.

There was a pusher-offer today so I got a faster start than I got recently and by the first roundabout (about 2 miles in), I was in sight of Sophie who is the other juvenile aged 14.

Around 7 miles in, I caught up to her and overtook. I got quite far ahead and a few minutes later, she wasn’t in sight anymore. I made it all the way around the course until the end without her catching back up to me which I was a bit surprised about. 18 miles into the race, I was riding at 30mph on the flat for about a mile. In the last 5 miles, it rained very hard and my shoes filled with water.

My Average Speed was 23.67mph for e 25 mile race. It was really nice to have a presentation after the time trial as well and free cakes. I really enjoyed the race overall and everyone was super friendly.

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