Training today in Battisford

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It was 5 degrees at warmest today, so I had to wear a lot of layers to keep my core warm. I can’t wait to get the new kit and a gilet. My dad still isn’t well enough to ride, so he followed me with my brother in a car. Callum was radio man and helped me with the route.

Over the weekend we had worked on the set-up of my new TT bike. I rode it for the first time in the new configuration today. That’s the second time in total I’ve ridden it. It felt a lot better today, but I find the hands out front position much harder to control than my previous angled up forearm position. It feels like I’m going to slide off the front of the bike going down hills and braking. I practiced getting to the point where I don’t need to brake on most of the downhill corners, but that takes time and laps to get right safely.

I rode six laps in total today of the Battisford 10 Time Trial course. By the end I could use the tri-bars on the flat and on the uphills, but most of the time it was still slower than when I use the outsides of the bars. I guess it’s just getting used to it through practice.

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