Winchester Grand Prix 2019

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9th of June 2019

This was the first time Suffolk Youth Race Team had been to the Winchester Grand Prix. The town centre had been closed off and safety barriers erected around the course. There was a carnival atmosphere in the air with a lot of eager riders checking every thing and everyone out. The course went up the high Street, and around the back of the town close to the Abbey. The commentator from the Ovo Tour was there telling the substantial crowd what was going on, which made all the difference. Those looking on actually understood what was happening around them.

In the race with Abbey was Orla Willis a great rider from the South East. Abbey took to the start-line after the boys had started. Abbey had one of her worst starts, as can be seen below with Orla having a great start on the far right and Abbey so far back shes not visible in the photo.

Orla rode a great race that made the day.

Abbey slowly passing riders as Orla gets away
Pushing lap after lap
Until Orla was just in sight
Abbey Just of sight with Orla riding well. – Photo by Toby Willis
2 laps to go, just insight of latching on to Orlas wheel and taking a short breather
The bell rings and both girls are together to fight it out on the tight and twisty circuit
We haven’t got a photo, but Abbey just out sprinted Orla by half a bikes length
Orla Willis (left) a rider with a great future, Abbey (centre, very proud) and Grace Upshall (right)
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