10 Mile TT on the E2

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16th of August 2021

Saturday I raced near Cambridge in a 10 mile Time Trial.

All of the female riders struggled in the relatively high winds. I had a bit of a problem clipping in, so I cant wait for the pusher off helpers to come back. I only managed 20mph to the half way point. On the return leg, I didn’t have high enough gears to get much over 30mph. My average was well-below my PB of 24.2mph. I did a 26:45, which is close to times I do on Sporting Courses and I think that shows how windy it was. I am affected a lot by wind, maybe because I am very light compared to the women I race against. They must have a lot more power to push through the wind. I reached my target for 10 miles a few weeks ago, so it didn’t matter too much.

What was nice was my new kit, designed by Keith Suffling and Stonham Barns Park. It actually fitted around my middle, so not baggy anymore. I felt proud to be wearing it.

Thanks to Davey Jones for the side-on photo

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