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30th of June 2021

Written by LT: Big weekend for Stonham Barns Park rider Abbey. On Saturday its a damage limitation road race in Colchester, where the aim is to try to do well in the Regional Road Race Championship without putting out too much effort; easier said than done. Abbey needs to leave Colchester to get to Scarborough, some 5 hours away with a desperate struggle to recover for the next mornings 06:00 start. Sunday sees Abbey race the best under 12’s in the UK. The race is up Oliver’s mount which is as it sounds, a serious hill you race up and down with gradients between 11% and17%. We know some of the girls and how good they are. Some will be around the same pace as Abbey on the flat, but weighing 10Kgs lighter. It will be a very tough race, just to get on the podium. Abbey is unbeaten this year, and has put herself out there racing against the top riders on terrain that will see her in the Red for most of the race. Its all character building… Cant wait for Sunday.

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