Eastern Counties 25TT Championship

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Pushing hard to set a new PB for 25 miles of 37kph average

Today, I woke up at 5am to go to the Lee valley velodrome for the last track cluster session. Some of my club mates were also there.
The session was 2 hours long and I really enjoyed it. I tried hard at most times but I didn’t over do it because I have a TT at 2pm near Cambridge. Me and my dad had a milkshake and a wrap before leaving to go to the Eastern County Cycling Association 25 mile championship. The weather was not very nice and it rained heavily throughout the race and it was pretty cold. My visor also steamed up pretty bad. Even though I hadn’t completely recovered from track in the morning, I still did a pb of 1hr 7 minutes and 29 seconds, about 37 kph (which is ten minutes faster than my previous pb). I wasn’t planning on doing any more 25 mile time trials this year, but because of the bad conditions, I will probably have to do one more. I think I can go a couple of mins quicker.

Abbey riding the boards at the Olympic Park
Bad weather mad the ride hard, but a new PB 10 mins quicker brought a smile to Abbeys face
Pushing hard in the Eastern Counties 25 TT championship, with tired legs from riding track in the morning.
Loving the coaching session at Lee Valley Velodrome
Concentrating on Track racing

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