Olivers Mount NYS Race

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4th of July 2021

On Sunday, I went to Scarborough for the Scarborough cycling festival.
We knew Sunday was going to be difficult and the course would be tough. We thought it was 11% and the same length as Semer (the local hill we practiced on). We were very wrong. It was 24% gradient and about 4 times the length of Semer. I had my standard road gears on the bike and I suffered up the hill.

I was in the peloton on the 2nd lap, which was good, as a lot of the riders dropped off and I had to catch up. We did that top lap twice, then we used the hill, not once, as expected but 3 times. It was painful. I did learn a lot about the course. I’ve never been very good at hills. I came 5th girl, which was better than I expected and overall I had loads of fun.

Thank you for the photos Huw Williams.

Photo by Huw Williams

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