Regional Road Championships – Lapping all boys and Girls

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3rd of July 2021

Today the team went to Colchester for the Regional Road Race Championship. My main focus, and we spent a lot of time trying to find solutions… wasn’t today, it is tomorrow, where I have an almost impossible National Youth Series Race up Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough. That meant I needed to use as smaller amount of energy as possible today, but still try to win the regional Championship.

The start had a tail wind, so we made sure I was positioned at exactly the right place on the grid. That worked and the tail wind straight was taken in a controlled way. As soon as we turned out of the tail wind into the cross wind, I did the next part of the plan. I can’t explain what had to happen, but it almost worked, except Eloise my main competitor, knew, I think, what was going to happen. That meant I had to change to the next option for the first lap. I did that successfully and by the end of the first lap I looked at my my pit board I was using to help me not push too hard showed I was over 16 seconds up. I then rode slowly for the next few laps, but my pit board was showing I was gaining a lot of time each lap.

Dad was waving at me to slow down to not catch and lap the 2nd place group, as that wouldn’t be great for them. I could see the group and they could see me on the long straights. They didn’t seem to realise about getting lapped. It got to the point where I was told to stop the race by catching the leaders, as it was going to go on for too many laps. I did one faster lap and caught, passed and lapped the 2nd place rider. When I passed them I was only doing 21mph, whereas they were doing 11mph, so there was no way I could avoid passing them. The second-place group are supposed to drop back as they are lapped, but instead they chased me. I think British Cycling tried to stop that happening, but the riders didn’t really interfere with my race too much, so it wasn’t a big problem. At the line they sprinted, I was saving energy and didn’t sprint, but I one boy did come over the line alongside me, but they had been lapped, so it didn’t matter. Eloise did a great job at the finish and took third place. My teammate took 6th overall. I was only racing Eloise, and the other girls, so although I rode alone more than expected, it was still a win and I am regional champion. Very happy, especially as my brother is also Regional U8 champion and Frank Spauls in U10s too.. The whole team rode amazingly. Well done SYRT.

Lapped plus some. Now Regional U12 Champion lapping all Boys and Girls.

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